Basic HTML rules and Tags

1.      HTML = TEXT
2.      <TAG>Area affected by tag</
TAG>  Turn off your command 1,2,3 3,2,1
3.      HTML = HEAD + BODY
4.      Case only counts after an equal sign = or Picture Files Names (ie:Cat.jpg)
5.      Multiple
TAGS & SPACES are ignored, use &nbsp;
6.      There are exceptions:
<hr><img><br>  (use <br />)

Common Tags

<HTML> - tells browser this is a HTML coded page (not *.doc or *.txt)
<HEAD> - browser looks for coding here
META> - search engines look for coding here
<TITLE> - what shows up on the top of the browser and search engines
<BODY> - tells browser to start showing the page, main part of page
<BR> - line break
<P> - paragraph break
<HR> - horizontal line break
<ALIGN= - alignment of paragraph, picture, tables, etc
<A> - hypertext link coming up, <a href=xyz.html>XYZ page</a>
<B> - bold
<I> - italic
<U> - underline
PRE> - predefined text layout
<UL> - indentation command
<LI> - list (bullets, buttons) command
<FONT> - font description, colour, and size command
<IMG> - picture image call up command

<table border> <tr> <th>Company</th> <th>Street</th> <th>Suite</th> <th>City</th> <th>Postal</th> </tr>
<td>ABC Company</td> <td>123 Your Street</td> <td></td> <td>Toronto, ON</td> <td>L6J 2F4</td>
<tr> <td>Company</td> <td>345 City Street</td> <td> Ste. 2101</td> <td> Toronto, ON</td> <td>J7U 4F5</td>


The numbering system may be amended with the optional TYPE= command.
Capital A <OL TYPE="A">
A. Item one
B. Item two
C. Item three
Small A <OL TYPE="a">
a. Item one
b. Item two
c. Item three
Numbered Lists <OL TYPE="1">
1. Item One
2. Item Two
3. Item Three

Roman Capital <OL TYPE="I">
I. Item one
II. Item two
III. Item three
Roman Small <OL TYPE="i">
i. Item one
ii. Item two
iii. Item three

<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="../cgi-bin/test-cgi">
<p>Enter Your Name: <input type="text" name="longText" size="50" maxlength="30">
<p>please enter your password <input type="password" name="passwd">
<li><input type="radio" name="theType" value="cat"> cat
<li><input type="checkbox" name="teacher"> Teacher
<p>What is the colour of your hair?
<SELECT name="hrcolor">
<option value="bla"> black
<option value="blo">blonde
<textarea name="cat" rows="7" cols="50" >
<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT value="Click here to enter your info"><input type="reset">