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What I hate about Front Page

Just wondering if it is me, or is FP2003 worse than 2002(XP)? I am constantly fighting with always resetting Remote Web Site properties. I work on over 21 web sites and if I don't clear my cache and temp folder files the settings are ok. But if I (and should) clear the cache, temp files, etc then FP2003 keeps asking me for what the Remote Web Site properties are.

Also, anyone notice on a 800x600 screen the table pop up properties window doesn't fit? I've written to MS and they are aware of it...was hoping a patch would be out to fix this by now.

When working with tables, if one tries to click above the table in a 'normal' area, the whole page gets highlighted.

Or if you try to drag a file into a folder that is off screen, like drag it upwards to the folders list, the screen will not scroll any more. Have to have folder list in view to drag and drop.

One more, while working on a page, one can't go CNTL+HOME to get to the top of the page, have to drop into HMTL code, then CNTL+HOME then back into design view, all of which worked before in 2000, 2002 versions on the same machine.



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