Digital Smiles 2018 Training Rates
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Please Note: A "day" is 7.5 straight hours onsite (8:00am-4:30pm), broken down to 6.0 hours (8:30am-4pm) actual training; one hour for lunch; and two 15 minute coffee breaks for the students.  If your class time is longer, please add an extra $25/day to the figures below.

Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC): $725/day
  - Server 2003, Windows 7
  - 8:30-4:30 actual training time
  - Students are given a CD or URL notes and practice questions.

Microsoft SharePoint 2007:
  - End user - Levels 1                   - $450/day
  - Administrative or Designer Level - $550/day - not being offering at the moment.
  - Project 2007 - Levels 1              - $400/day.
  - End User - SharePoint 2010      - $450/day - not being offering at the moment.
  - Visio and Infopath to come

Honest Tom's used car emphorium...
My first car - the ranch wagon

CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certification training:
   - $750/day or $550/day if combined a A+/Network+ class offered over 10 days.
   - Optional cost: Mike Myers A+ book or Network+ book $85. Books to be prepaid.

CompTIA CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer) or Non-MOC Windows 7 training:
   - $750/day - rates are negotiable if the class size is small, (ie: 1 on 1 or under 3 students).

Non-Certified Computer and Network Training:
   - $600/day + optional Mike Myers book $85. Books are to be prepaid.

Per Diem is $100/day or Intercity Fuel Fee.
   - If receipts are needed, a 10% admin fee is charged for scanning and listing of items.
   - Intercity Fuel Fee is $10/day.

Corporate Flat Rate is $75/hour for onsite help desk support.
   - This is based on a 7 hour work day. Add $25 for additional hour(s).

Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 Training (up to 10 Students, $25/student afterwards).
1. At a Registered Training Facility such as Global Knowledge, New Era, or ctcTrainCanada:
   - $300/day for Levels 1 and 2. We are not offering Level 3 at the moment.
   - $425/day for Project 2007 - Level 1 only
   - $450/day for End/Power User - Level 1 only

2. At an Onsite Facility such as company board room, in house training facility:
   - $40/day up to 10 people,
   - $500/day for 11 and above.

3. Materials and Equipment: (Note: the following materials are to be pre-paid!)
   - BrainStorm Quick Reference cards are $10 per topic. (Or click here to order Brainstorm QRC your self.)
   - Logical Solutions Manuals are $75 each per topic.
   - Instructor Laptop rental is $20/day
   - Student Laptop rental is $45/day - Dell Latitude d520 15" Core 2 Duo with 2GB Ram, Windowsr 7 and Office 2010.
   - Projector rental is $200/day.

4. Seminar Setting:
   - Up to 20 People $350; Up to 30 People $400; Up to 50 People $500; Up to 100 People $700.

Bev's Ladies One-on-One onsite or in-home personal training.
   - $33/hr or $99 per three hour course. Student given free Cutom Guide Quick Reference Cards.

Tom's Men's One-on-One onsite or in-home personal training.
   - $55/hr or $150 per three hour course. Plus $10 per topic Quick Reference Cards.

No Shows:
   - Classes cancelled one hour after start time is subject half-day rate or within two business days it would 1/2 the rate.
   - Digital Smiles Inc. will exchange for another confirmed class not originally booked.

One-on-One Microsoft training/support via remote Windows Remote Assistance is $45/hr per hour.
Airfare is to be prepaid and hotels can be reimbursed.
Car Rentals can be reimbursed.
With Reimbursement there is a 10% Admin Fee for scanning and invoicing fee.

XHTML - all levels, CSS Level 1, and Search Engine Positioning is $400/day

Computer Repair Rates:
   - On Site: $75.00/hr
   - Spyware removal $45 in my shop. Does not include backups or reinstalls, which is an extra fee of $99.
   - In Shop Estimate of repairs $45.00
   - Remote Desktop Help $45/hr prepaid via PayPal
   - Email and Telephone Support: $2 Dollars Per Minute (Minimum $5)
   - Queue Jumping fee: $100.00

*Digital Smiles reserves the right to change rates without notice; fees are payable upon receipt or 30 days corporate.

Web Hosting and Design Annual Costs:

Web Site Hosting:
- $125/year.

*Please note, email support is not included in this offer.

Hosting is like an office on the Internet that you lease from a provider. It is a place where your Web site and domain name to reside.  This rate is the fixed rate in hosting your site.  Maintenance and updates are not included in this rate.How much room do you have to place your website on the Internet? An average website might consist of 35 pages and use about 200 megs of space.  Email storage and usage is also calculated into this space.  If you wish to store your email on the Web Server, it will reduce the amount of space for actual Web Pages.

Domain Name:
- $15.00/yr for a *.com or
- $20.00/yr for a *.ca name

Your domain name is the address of your Web site. For example, is a domain name.   You can register your domain name with GoDaddy or have DigitalSmiles do it for you.

Web Design:

*Please note, email support is not included in this offer.

- $500 for a 5 page site. Includes 5 emails. Email support is not included.
- $1000 for a 10 pages site. Include 10 emails. Email support is not included.
- $2000 for a 20 page site. Include 20 emails. Email support is not included.
- $10/page or $2/minute maintenance fee for updates.

Website Costs NOT Included:

Search Engine Positioning:
- $1200.00

Want to strategically place your site on Google? This fee includes a title tag, the META description and keywords, with three free submissions. Results will show up in 1-2 months.  If requesting immediate submission there is a $299US fee incurred on top of the the $1200 Canadian base fee. Addition submissions are $75/month.

Shopping Cart:
- $1500.00

If you wish visitors to shop for products on your Web site using their credit card, we can set up a link with PayPal. You must supply your email that has already registered with PayPal to us.  Arrangements for bank transfers via PayPal must be done by you. 

Flash Files:
- $75.00/hour

Charged at an hourly rate of $75 in creation of a Flash presentation. If you wish the entire site to be Flash enabled, a fixed cost of $1500 will be required.
Scanning Photos:
- $5 per photo
Photos are worth a thousand words and liven the site up. You are required to supply photos for the site and ensure they are royalty free, as this is not the web designers job.

- $2 per minute
- $60 for 60 minutes block.
- $1200/year unlimited.

Maintenance services apply to changes to your existing design and does not apply to redesigning an entire site.

Maintenance is only guarenteed for 36 hour turn around, longer for holidays.

Half rate of your existing package with existing content.  New content will be based on Maintenance fee above.

Every two years it would be beneficial to redesign your site to keep it from going 'stale'.  A complete redesign with existing content would not only give your site a face lift, but show you are a serious business contender on the Internet. 

This is separate from home page update. 

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