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At Digital Smiles, we strive to present you, our client, a personality on the web, rather than some preconceived "cookie cutter" idea. 

Take some time and view our sites below.

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Our List of Satisfied Customers but some sites may not be online any more  ):
Legend Tours Newfoundland City Light News
My Treasures my lamda My Lamda
Icefield Helicopter Tours  Kananaskis Helicopter Tours
Boydette Home-Spec Think & Be Safe
Abundant Life Crusades Safety Cards
Global Vision Ministries Safety Speaker
Gilgal International Safety Video
Loving Aroma Truly Kosher
Conversations - Banluan Varsity Bible Church
Dog Legislation IGCAA (alberta)
Helicopter Productions Kimberley Chalet
Riverdale Connect Rosemount Connect
Cornerstone Church GCache
Previous Client Sites:
Alberta 2005 Centennial Baseline Logging Ltd
Canmore New Life Centre Forest Lawn Bible College
ISOE School Street Church Ministries
Cash City ATM Christian Dance Fellowship
Global Steps (CAPD) Jim & Janet Kelly
Route1 POS Wireless The Vibe Awards
Triune Last Days Ask Dr. Bird (site down)
Inter Varsity Fellowship Chris Green Racing
 Joshua International College

Halong Bay cruises

Starlite Rentals and Starlite Music  Chris Perfumes
Web Contract Agreement (contract)

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